Testpro - Your partner in test fixturing and backplane testing



Test systems are delivered to many customers throughout the world.

The TP2101 unique distributed switching allows well organized applications for complex products such as: ADSL, ATCA, ATM, CDMA, CPCI, SDH/SONET and WME types of back planes. Read more

Test Fixtures

Testpro offers a complete range of test fixtures and associated parts.

For low- to medium production volumes of printed circuit boards see our MiniFIX or MA-series, for high volumes see our RotaFIX or InlineFIX.

Test Probes

Testpro have the most commonly used receptacles and test probes of 50, 75, and 100 mils centre distance on stock in Oslo.

In addition we have samples of more than 100 types of test probes. Normal delivery time from supplier is less than one week. Read more