TP2101 Scannercards

The scanner card is the basis in the TP2101 test system. It holds the switching circuitry of the test system. Automatic scanning of all inputs is performed in the electronic of the cards and response is fed back to the control station

Standard Scanner Modules

The standard Scanner module is available with 100,400,600,800 and 1000 pins
A single fibre glass plate provides the basis for all component mounting.This allows customer to design scannercards for new products very easy and cost effective.
Connection to the Scanner module is achieved via a bus interface PBA which is equipped with LED's for scanning status.

Motherboards with 128 pins Switch Modules

These cards are made up of a motherboard housing a controller module and a number of 128 pins switching modules.
One Scannercard can be equipped with up to 16 switching modules, which gives 2048 pins.
The plugable modules are easy to change and can be reused for other applications.
Customers can design and build their own scannercards by designing new motherboards.

Scanner card custom design

Unique scanner card design for optimal mechanical and electrical adaption to customers product specification
Onboard switching electronics for maximal compact design